Mirage's uniqueness is its ability to take good things from the multitude of competitive products and apply these to their Mirage vanishing screen. In a tough market place, reducing cost is always paramount, but decreasing quality is not an option.

What Makes Our Screens Last

First, the inherent design of the vanishing screen is the ability of the mesh to pull away from the upper and lower tracks when a person or pet runs through the screen. This allows the screen mesh to flex out and absorb the impact, therefore reducing mesh tearing and repairs. If an impact is severe, the screen mesh can tear. But it is easily repaired by rolling on a new screen mesh.

Second, the screen slides on an upper and lower track. There are silicone impregnated upper and lower guides that keep the vanishing screen connected to the tracks. In addition, the dry silicone that is left with each vanishing screen install is private labeled. This silicone has superior glide quality results in comparison to other dry silicone manufacturers.

Why Choose The Screen Door Guy

There are two main differences that make what we do here at The Screen Door Guy better than the competition. First is the quality and experience of the installer. This cannot be stressed enough. The sales and installation of over 5000 vanishing screens experience has no equal. Every screen installation is unique and is a CUSTOM installation since no standardization exists in the door or building industry.

Second is the quality of the Mirage Vanishing Screen. This manufacturer has taken most everything that is good with other vanishing screen manufacturers and applied them to the Mirage screen. If there were a better product out in the market place we would be using it here at The Screen Door Guy.