Frequently Asked Questions

Home Air Quality - Mirage Leed Points

Did you know that Mirage Retractable Screens are considered a green product that supports sustainable design? Our product contributes to USGBC LEED-NC v2.2 credits,

Materials and Resources MR Credit 3 Resource Reuse
Energy and Atmosphere EA Credit 1 Optomize energy performance
Indoor Environmental Quality EQ Credit 4.2 Low-emitting paints
Indoor environmental Quality EQ Credit 7 Thermal comfort

How do I know if this retractable screen door is best for me and my house?
Something I pride myself on is not overselling screens to people who do not need them. If customers have other means of cross ventilation or many unruly pets I often recommend they not spend the money on a screen door. I am truly trying to give the customer what is best for them, not trying to just make a sale.

Can you do oversized doors?
Oversized doors are fine because the screen and frame are both custom ordered and cut to fit YOUR door.

Can screens fit on French doors?
My screens will work with both Single French and Double French doors. Whether you have one or two doors opening I can create a retractable screen door to meet your needs. There are a few options of screen and frame location for you to choose from.

What are the color choices for the screen frame?
I have samples of over 50 different colors to get as close of a match to your doorframe as possible. (Most places offer 4 to 8 generic colors)

How much does a vanishing screen door cost?
A vanishing screen door costs about the same as a quality storm door.

What is the time frame to get a screen door?
Since your screen door is custom ordered to fit your door, I do not keep any inventory on hand. From order to installation it should be about 2-3 weeks.

Do you travel?
Yes, I travel through the Boise Valley up to McCall and Sun Valley. I also work with other installers locally if that is more convenient.

Do you offer a complimentary estimate?
Yes, I would be happy to come out, take measurements, and discuss the best options for you.

I have pets. How do dogs and cats see the screen or potentially break the screen?
Especially when screens are newly installed dogs and cats have a difficult time seeing them (the screens truly are invisible!). If a pet accidentally runs into the screen the magnet holding the screen door will release and undoubtedly give your pet a small scare but should not cause any damage to the screen or the door.

Do you offer any type of a warranty?
Limited lifetime on the screen. The exception is the screen mesh which is not covered by the warranty. The vanishing screens mesh is designed to be extremely forgiving, so mesh rescreens are very infrequent. Everyone has or has seen someone run into a screen door. They're invisible. My workmanship is covered for 1 year.

How long do the screen doors last?
Over the past 10 years I have sold and installed over 5000 vanishing screen door. On occasion I do replace the screen mesh. The screen has a sewn rib and double stick tape that easily secures a rescreen. Most rescreens are done because someone or the pet has hit the screen too hard and it tears.

What if something breaks or works improperly. Do you come out and make repairs?
I will always try to walk you through a repair that you can do on your own to save you the cost of me coming out. However, if this does not work, I am more than happy to come out.