Stephen DeBenedetti - Boise Screen Door Installations I grew up in the Boise Valley. During my years I have also spent time in the Los Angeles and Bay areas of California. I have remodeled many homes over the years and after coming back to the Boise Valley in 1998 I built my current home. Because of the home's quality and uniqueness, our local paper, the Idaho Statesman wrote a full page article when it was completed.

In the summer of 2000 while at the State Fair in Boise I came across the Phantom vanishing screen door show booth. That was it, I was hooked. I could own my own business, learn a new trade and give my customers fresh air.

My first year with the Phantom screen was great, and I gained valuable experience and knowledge. But, I wanted to do a better job for my customers. In a dealer capacity with Phantom I could not have contact with the company. It would take days to get answers to customer's questions or concerns.

After getting samples of at least 10 different vanishing screen manufacturers I went with Mirage. Today Mirage is the most progressive vanishing screen manufacturer in the marketplace. When the customer desires a product change Mirage is there to carry out the task. Mirage puts their profits back into the company to better the product and not into national marketing campaigns.

In over 10 years I have sold and installed over 5000 vanishing screens on personal homes, vacation properties, office, mobile homes, RVs, horse trailers, green houses, and horse barns.

Two years ago I was nominated by the BBB for their Integrity Counts Award. I received Honorable Mention. With that, I feel awards don't carry as much weight as one's referral business. The last complete tally of my customer base was in 2009. At that point The Screen Door Guy had a referral and repeat customer base of over 52%. I pride myself on selling my customers the finest vanishing screen door in the market at a fair price with the best installation in the state.

Today with the introduction of the in 2010 the future is filled with some great expectations. Revolutionary vanishing screen improvements are in development and should provide the industry with some timely benchmarks.

Stephen DeBenedetti, Owner of