Vanishing Screen Door Repairs Boise, Idaho

When your vanishing or retractable screen door is in need of repair damaged, call The Screen Door Guy. Over the last ten years we have repaired vanishing and retractable screen doors from a variety of companies including Phantom, Anderson, Pella, Aira, Wizard, Clear-view, Lowes, and Home Depot.

The most common causes of vanishing and retractable screen damage are dogs, children, and adults. This damage is primarily to the mesh screen. The mesh can tear away from either side of the doorway. When this happens we simply replace the screen mesh. Like new!

Another type of damage is in the form of debris in the track. A debris filled track can prevent a screen from running smoothly opening and closing. To prevent debris build up wipe out the tracks and apply dry silicone each spring. Dry silicone is used to lubricate the top and bottom tracks. This dry silicone is provided by The Screen Door guy with every installation and repair.

Screen Door Repair Testimonials

* It wasn't as expensive to repair as a I thought. Wish I did it a long time ago. Karen

* Super quick response and service repairing my screen.
Thanks again.

* Quick response, timely repair, nice person who came to my home. Dion