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We could not be happier...
We were very pleased when Steve installed three dissapearing screens for us 5 years ago. After 5 years of weather, pets and children, we called Steve out for a "refresh." After a short time, our three screens are like new and a pleasure to work with. We could not be happier. Steve is one of the old school professionals that does great work for a reasonable price. Steve takes pride in his work and that makes us want to highly recommend him. Thanks Steve!

Mike and Nila

Expectations "You came over, said what you were going to do"
"Was a good experience"
"You showed up and did what you said"
"Met all my expectations"
"We like it"

You came up promptly to show us...

Prairie is not an easy place to get to, but you came up promptly to show us what you had to offer and were 'Johnny on the spot' to install the products (which, by the way exceeded our expectations).

If that wasn't enough, you were generous enough to visit one of our neighbors (if living four miles away qualifies as a neighbor) and help him make adjustments to a competitors product - gratis.

The service and quality that you offer is not typical in any industry. We are pleased to have found you and would be proud to recommend you to any potential client.

Thank you.
Jake and Mary

After the Sale "Appreciated the Follow-up"
"You were great!"
Installation "Totally satisfied with the installer, a 10"
"Satisfaction with installer was very good"
"Installer did work, was great"
"Quite impressed"
"On top of it"
"Caring, friendly, got job done"

To whom it may concern:

We have been patrons of Mr. DeBenedetti on more than one occasion and would highly recommend his services. We have also had occasion to need his assistance "after the sale" and have found he approached his business with integrity both before, during, and after the purchase. Steve is energetic in a very positive way and brings a level of integrity to the sales process that is refresing. He is proud of his company's work and stands behind what they sell.

In a world where we often seem to get less than we bargain for, and all the problems are the consumer's once the deal is closed, The Screen Door Guy is moving against the grain and continuing to provide excellent service with integrity, and we very much appreciate it.

Steve Keen

Recommendation "Would buy another Mirage in a heartbeat"
"Can't imagine what you could improve!"
"Absolutely would recommend Mirage"
"I don't know how you could improve, you did an excellent job"
"No complaints"
Salesman "Salesman was very knowledgeable"
"Sales was great"

Dear Steven,

At our annual company meeting held at the beginning of each year we take the time to review the previous year and talk about our customers, vendors, and the people around us that exemplify great customer service. We feel that several individuals stood out above the rest. We call them the "Best of the Best", and we wanted to let you know you were runner-up for Non-Employee Customer Service of the Year.

We appreciate all you do and have done for us! Thank you for everything.

All of us at Wood Windows, Inc.